Chapter 8

Changing Others


We can not change other people to our liking. God does not require them to change. He loves us all equally and unconditionally as we are. Changes we decide to make in our selves are for our benefit, not God’s. The best we can do is to be an example for others, a witness. Christ teaches through example. He is a servant leader. If we step out in faith to allow Jesus to be the center of our life, others may decide to step out with us. I stepped out because others stepped out before me. I changed when I invited the Holy Spirit into my life and into my heart. Leading an undesirable person to Christ may not change them in a way that coincides with ones expectations. However, God will see to it that that person proves to be a blessing such that could not have been expected or imagined. It is foolish to undermine the awesomeness of God in regard to others as well as everything else. When god intervenes, lives change. Miracles do happen. 

When I turned my life over to Jesus Christ I began seeing qualities in people that I never seen before. I began to acknowledge traits, even slight idiosyncrasies in my wife, Coleen, that were hidden from me by the evil in me. The Holy Spirit came into my heart and replaces evil to the degree of my faith, hope, and love. I became a new being. Not long after I was saved, Coleen began to saturate my senses of joy and love. She didn’t change. I did. My heart did. I could feel a change in my soul. 

I see Coleen as a perfect blessing from God. I know that this may seem an exaggeration. Moreover, I can say with all honesty and conviction that I love Coleen much more now than when I married her. I miss her when we’re apart. I often feel a flutter in my heart when she’s near me. In a song by John Denver he sings, “You fill up my senses.” In my life Coleen fills my senses with joy. When it comes to my Coleen, there is no room in my heart for fault. 

Guys, I don’t much care if you think I’m a wimp for writing this. I know that in your heart of hearts you would love to be able to say the same about your wife. Buddy you can. Open the door of your heart for Jesus Christ and I promise your life will change in magnificent ways. Trouble won’t go away.  But, you will realize that God has a plan. He’ll give you the tools to take you through the trials he puts before you. Even during dismal times of adversity, you will be able to find peace knowing that God is with you. 

My nine year old, Tyler, is feisty to say the least. At present, he is in the fourth grade. God made him full of fire. In fact many refer to him as the Tiger. The coach of the 1960 Olympic wrestling team, Rex Perry, once told me this when I was young, “It’s not the size of the dog in fight that counts. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.” That applies appropriately to Tyler.

Sometimes Tyleris more than a handful. I know from personal experience that his fire is a good quality that is a blessing from God. If Tyler were to change in such a way that this God given quality was squelched, he will not have it later in life when he needs it. He wouldn’t recognize it as a great asset. He wouldn’t be able to use it for the glory of God. There will be times in Tyler’s life when God puts before him adversaries, both flesh and unseen. Tylerwill over come with a heart of fire for the Lord. God will smile upon him.