Chapter 16



27 So God created human beings in his own image. 

In the image of God he created them; 

male and female he created them. 

Gen 1:27


There is scant existence of anything more delectable to the frigid heart of the devil than to coerce our children against the existence of God. Evolution, repackaged atheism, is hidden in school curriculum in an ultimate attempt to inject atheism. 

Advocates of evolution profess to be men and woman of science. Ironically, while scientific conclusion is widely dependant on statistical analysis, scientist conclude the astronomically minuet possibility of evolution. Traces of a scientist’s credibility vaporize in light of the gross statistical ineptness necessary for he or she to sustain the theory of evolution. 

Hurricanes do not go through junkyards and produce Cadillac’s. Even if one were to exercise his mind to the extent that he could believe evolution of organisms to be possible, there remains a long journey ahead of them in route to accepting symmetry in most living things to be a product of chance. Further, from that point, a comparably long journey is required to explain “Mirror Imagery” through relatively haphazard principals of evolution.

The truth is Evolution requires a tremendous amount of belief. To believe in evolution is to believe against astronomical odds in addition to accepting the assumption that there is no God. 

Atheism is also a belief. In its belief, life began spontaneously against the same astronomic odds. 

From a pure academic standpoint, there is no room for statistically impossible topics to be presented in classroom curriculum, especially those that so blatantly satisfy the whims of atheist or attempt to make anti-God statements. It is socially irresponsible to forcibly inject atheism into our children’s minds. This is what the theory of evolution is ultimately designed to do.

Evolution is not only a demoralizing waste of our children’s time; it is an unjust waste of our education tax dollars and scholastic funding. It is crucial that guidelines regarding theories taught in our schools include statistical probability of validity and relevance. 

Topics such as evolution, which have underlying agendas such as to intentionally and deliberately turn our children away from God, are absolutely unacceptable. 

God-fearing citizens need to be outraged without compromise, indignant and convicted against such abominations. The vast majority of the World’s people believe that some form of God does exist. The so-called “widely accepted theory of evolution” is in reality minuscule compared to the belief of the existence of God.

There is a God. He created Heaven and Earth and all its inhabitance. Our prayers are openly requested, precedent of extreme value, and unequivocally essential. There is no middle of the road. Our choices are to cast God out of our hearts, or accept Him and be thankful for His existence, ours existence, and the lives of our children.   includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.