Chapter 4



There are people who never are content with what they have, while others find happiness and contentment where they are, regardless of the humility of their condition.

Uncle Hank

Uncle Hank and his brother went off to battle during the war. His brother was in the front lines defending our country. After returning from that earthly hell, Hank’s brother suffered from alcoholism. He married a woman who became Hank’s sister-in-law. They had four children. Hank lived in the same house as his brother and sister-in-law. Hank made a decision to forgo his own life to look after his nephews and niece. Hank sacrificed his own life for these children. He did all he could, whatever it took to see to it that his nephews and niece had the best life possible. He helped a relative build a huge swimming pool so the kids could enjoy it. Hank was there for his family in everyway. He never complained. Shortly before his death, Hank lived with his youngest nephew. Hank died at the age of 87. When the nephew’s aunt asked, “It must have been hard for you to take care of him.” The nephew replied, “It was my job.” Hank’s love made full circle. Hank dreamed of a better life, not for himself but for his nephews and niece. He succeeded in fulfilling his dream. His dreams were obviously in line with God’s plan for his life. He no doubt enjoys life in heaven today. My definition of success is personified in the life of Uncle Hank, a humble man who succeeded in answering God’s calling for his life. He succeeded. Hank is now great in heaven. This is in total contrast with most American’s perception of success. 

The guy who has a mansion and a yacht, but not contentment is a fool. A guy who could live better than the majority off of the interest of the money he has, yet who is still striving for more is also a fool. Both of these are examples of excessive greed. This is often the case when we set our own goals outside of the consultation of God. This is a sickness that inflicts many people with out them knowing they have something seriously wrong. The effect of excessive greed on society is devastating. There are people with millions who live less than a mile away from people who are starving, schools that are over crowded, and the sick in need of money to pay for their illness. Jesus wore sandals. He dined with who ever would have him and ate what ever they offered. He gave thanks for the food he had. Jesus also fed the hungry, taught the secrets of life and death to anyone who would listen, healed the sick, and opened the gates of heaven.

Hank was successful because he had obtained the ability to be happy and fulfill his mission on earth with what little ability and resources God gave him. He realized that he did not need to be monetarily rich to provide a good life for his family. He realized that his love and his actions out of love are priceless beyond any man’s riches.